We're currently working on...

The real hate... will be out soon!

Megahate - save the date!

Megahate has been already submitted for review and you expect Megahate on hell thursday 1/6/2023.
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Enjoy the teaser and stay tuned!

We're currently working on...

The real hate... will be out soon!

Few notes about our latest project...

Unfortunately we have lost our latest developer. After SpaceZ release he decided to leave Incorrect Games and develop games on his own.

Due to this sad event, our team has been crippled for a year or so. However, we are still on track and will bring you new game really soon.

Stay tuned!

We're currently working on...

SpaceZ and it's mission to the Mars!

Few notes from the development of SpaceZ...

We're currently working on project SpaceZ, where you send Czech on the Mars! The game is inspired by Czech Presidential elections, with flat-designed graphic.

During the development we faced many problems like endless background generated with gradients instead of bitmaps or some testing issues related to the controls of player.

We get over all the issues and SpaceZ is finally out! You can download it to your Android device from Google Play!

If you are interested, our ex-developer wrote a nice summary (in czech) on his website. Check it out here!